Whether you arrived in the picturesque Biograd na Moru area by car or some other
means of travel, you were one of many to make this splendid choice. And since most
of these destinations are relatively small towns, getting around them in high season
can be a bit of a hassle. Let us outline how renting a scooter will solve all the traffic
issues on your vacation in Biograd na Moru and Pakoštane.

The most obvious advantages of renting a scooter over using a car in the high season
will be the following:

  • Scooters are time-saving and easier to find a parking spot for
  • They provide convenience to access areas a car cannot access
  • They are ecological and economical
  • They’re just more fun

Rent a scooter to save time

Biograd na Moru, Pakoštane, and almost any other destination in the area are
centuries-old settlements. And while their architectural and historic heritage benefits
greatly from their age, the same can hardly be said for their road network and urban
Since their urban planning predates the existence of cars, their parking capacity is
somewhat lacking. It can take some time to find a convenient parking spot in Biograd
na Moru during the high season. Renting a scooter will solve this problem for you.
Parking a scooter is effortless and can be done almost anywhere.

In addition to the ordeal of searching for a parking spot, there’s always the traffic.
And although Biograd na Moru, Pakoštane or any of the surrounding places are far
from what you would call a city, they do have small traffic jams in the high season. It
only takes one camping trailer that made a wrong turn, and the road is blocked for
cars. When you rent a scooter, you’ll be out of those occasional traffic jams in a

Rental scooters are more convenient than cars

Even on your vacation, there are little errands you have to do, like going to the
grocery store for instance. If you rent a scooter, you can park right in front of the
store and put what you bought in the compartment under the seat. That’s far more
convenient than parking nearly 100 meters away, and then walking back to the car
every time you have to go to the store.

Biograd and Pakoštane are known for their Mediterranean charm, full of seaside
cafes and beaches. In all likelihood, you’ll soon have your favorite places, and will
frequently be hopping from one to the other. Renting a scooter will make this a
breeze because it will save you the time otherwise spent going to the car and back.
Your rental scooter will always be parked closer.

Renting a scooter is cleaner and more economical

The cost of using a car is not to be easily dismissed on your vacation, and your
vacation budget was surely planned with great care. You might find it surprising that
renting a scooter on your vacation might actually save you money at times. Not only
that rental scooters spend significantly less fuel than a car, but there are also other
costs associated with frequent use of a car or a van.

Paying expensive parking fees close to popular beaches and restaurants in Biograd
na Moru and Pakoštane are unavoidable with a car. And in a span of a few hours, it
can add up to close to what renting a scooter would have cost you for the day. This is
particularly true if you roam around the town a lot, and your vacation is longer than
just a couple of days. You can get an excellent rate when renting a scooter for a
longer period of time.

On top of the ever-rising fuel prices, the global concern for the environment is long
overdue. Renting a scooter to use at shorter distances, where large vehicles are
unnecessary, is an ecologically responsible choice. Rent a Scooter Lager has
electrical scooters should you wish to eliminate fossil fuel consumption altogether.

Scooters are just more fun

In the end, don’t forget why you are visiting Biograd na Moru and Pakoštane in the
first place: - to have fun! So why spend hours of your precious vacation time sitting in
a car if you can rent a scooter and have fun even while driving? Out in the fresh air,
with sun on your face, you won’t be missing out on the warm Mediterranean climate
and lovely scenery around Biograd na Moru and Pakoštane.

Wind in your hair will have to wait until you get off the scooter though since we will
provide you with a comfortable helmet the law requires you to wear.

Now make the most of your stay in the beautiful Biograd na Moru and Pakoštane,
rent a scooter
and go make some great memories!