No matter what your reasons may be to rent a car during your stay in Croatia, your specific needs must be met. Regardless if you may be picking up your rental car at the Zadar Airport, Split Airport or simply using it for a day trip as a more convenient option, we at Rent a Car Lager have taken great care at choosing the right vehicles to add to our car park.

The criteria that will determine your choice the most will be the size of your group and the conditions you plan to use your rental car in. To help you choose, we have grouped the vehicles in our car park according to the most common uses below.

Rent a car for a smaller group and shorter trips

If you’re looking to rent a car for a smaller group, and plan to typically travel up to 200km per day, one of our compacts will serve you wonderfully. The smallest of our cars for rent, the VW Up is at the very top of the city class. Its small size makes it a breeze to park anywhere, while the clever interior planning and design offer surprising comfort and space for its dimensions. Many prefer renting this car over larger cars for its obvious practicality.

Skoda Fabia is a road-tested all-rounder, that has earned its place among our rental cars for its reliability and ease of use. Spacious interior and an economic engine have long been some of the key demands of rent a car customers, and Fabia delivers both.

A veteran of the compact class, the VW Polo, needs no introduction. This compact, sturdy and comfortable model has been setting standards in its class for decades. Polo’s reliability, driving characteristics, and comfort with rear vents for its air conditioning have made it a popular rent a car choice in Croatia.

Many of the visitors to Zadar and Biograd na Moru area come to Croatia in smaller groups of 2 - 4 people via Split Airport or Zadar Airport, where they simply pick up their rent a car and explore the area. A perfect rent a car vehicle for such travelers would be compact enough to navigate the city traffic with ease, yet comfortable enough to effortlessly cruise the beautiful coastal roads in Zadar and Split area. Coincidentally, that’s the perfect description of our Citroën C3. The compact size makes it a great rental car for narrow streets in the old city core of Zadar or Split, yet it can comfortably shuttle you around for hundreds of kilometers from the moment you pick it up at Zadar Airport or Split Airport, until the end of your Croatian adventure.

Rent a car for a family trip

What most families look for at a rent a car is a vehicle that offers additional storage space. We at Rent a Car Lager have chosen vehicles that come with a spacious boot/trunk while still not losing any of their comforts. Needless to say, family trips are always on a budget, so we have picked reliable rental cars with very economical engines.

Skoda Rapid and Skoda Scala will be an excellent rent a car choice for their increased storage space, while still being easy to park in often tight parking spaces in Zadar and Split. Seat Toledo offers an even bigger boot/trunk, spacious interior, and a very economical engine, which is always a plus for rent a car customers looking for a family-friendly vehicle.

Rent a car for longer distances and comfort

Ever since the new Skoda Octavia came out, it was an instant hit among drivers worldwide. We have decided to add it to our rent a car park mostly because of its excellent driving characteristics and comfort. No matter if you're visiting Croatia for business or pleasure, this is a great rental car for any purpose. Comfort and the spacious stylish interior of this well-designed model will ensure you’re enjoying every mile of the road from the very pickup from Lager Rent a Car on your arrival at Zadar Airport or Split Airport. The responsive and well-balanced 2 liter TDI engine adds a dash of sports spirit that makes it so much fun to drive.

Rent a car for a larger group

If you need to rent a car for a group that counts more than 5 there’s no better choice than our Citroën Spacetourer van. No matter if your whole group needs a vehicle for everyone and their belongings from your very arrival at Zadar Airport or Split Airport, or you are looking to rent a car for a group day trip to one of many attractions in Zadar or Split Area, Spacetourer has all you need. Spacetourer is a great choice of a rent a car vehicle for any group of up to 9 persons since its comfort and spaciousness will take you and your group to your Croatian adventure in good spirit.

We at Lager Rent a Car take great pride in the quality of our service and the competitiveness of our rates, so do not hesitate to contact us early, and make sure you get the right car at the best rates!