Travel like royal this summer - by plane and have a car waiting for you at the airport. You deserve it!

Explore Zadar and its surroundings

Zadar with its millennial existence is situated between Velebit, Ravnikotari, Adriatic Sea and hundreds of islands. This city, with a rich past, is the perfect choice for your vacation. Large enough to offer everything you need, and small enough to get everywhere in 20 minutes.

You can come to Zadar by plane, boat, bus or car. However, to avoid traffic jams and long journeys, the best choice is to travel elegantly- by plane and then to rent a car and pick it up at the destination. In this way you will arrive at the destination well-rested, fresh, and ready for new adventures and experiences.

Rent a car correspondence and reservation is a simple procedure and it takes just a few clicks. It is possible to make a car rental reservation before you travel so that the selected vehicle waits for you when you land. All this you can do from the comfort of your home via the Internet or with your smartphone. Also, you can call the customer center and arrange everything by phone.

The advantage of choosing a car rental to explore Zadar and its surroundings is that you have the possibility to be flexible and to plan excursions yourself. Zadar and the Zadar region have an excellent position in the center of the Adriatic coast, surrounded by beautiful breathtaking nature.

In less than one hour's drive from Zadar, you can visit the Paklenica National Park where you can have a try at hiking on one of the many blazed trails on Velebit. If you prefer adrenaline, try rock climbing because Paklenica is a well-known climbing center. You should also rent a car to visit nature parks located in the Zadar area. Discover wetland birds that are hiding on Vrana Lake or enjoy a panoramic walk and a view from the Kamenjak, a scenic viewpoint from where you can see the coast and the Kornati islands.

Near Vrana Lake, there is Maškovića Han - the westernmost han, which was built in 1644th by the Ottoman vizier Jusuf Mašković, who was originally from Vrana.

Set aside one day to explore the green nature of the rivers - Zrmanja and Krupa, or you can go rafting on the river Zrmanja.

Car rental gives you endless opportunities to explore thousands of large and small bays and beaches in the vicinity of Zadar, where you will surely find one to soak up the sun and the sea and enjoy the most beautiful sunset.

Rent a car allows you to explore stunning and contrasting landscapes of Pag, where moonlit landscapes, life-rich swamps, oak woods and ancient millennial olive groves clash. Rent a car will give you the freedom to explore hidden treasures of the city of Pag and discover the stories that this 15th-century city has to tell. Having a rent a car you can easily stop by the road and buy the best cheese in the world - Pag cheese or eat Pag lamb in one of the restaurants.

By renting a car, you get the freedom not to depend on other people's schedules or public transport, so you can organize excursions yourself. Do you wish to visit a certain family farm today? Go and enjoy. Are you planning on the wine road tomorrow? You can do that too. The Zadar hinterland is an area with a large number of top wineries and family farms that are definitely worth visiting, there you can taste the products and indigenous dishes of this area. With a rent a car, all possibilities are wide open and achievable.

Leave one day for a journey to the past of the Zadar region. Explore the rich culture of the royal city of Nin, visit the saltworks from which salt has been extracted for thousands of years, take a coffee in beautiful Biograd overlooking the islands.

Head to the ancient Asseria, a Liburnian, and later a Roman settlement, nearBenkovac, and if it is the 10th of the month, be sure to stop by the Benkovacfair.

Explore other Liburnian settlements, visit the cities of the former Byzantine and Roman empires.

If you like to travel in a group, you can rent a van to make your trip even more fun. By renting a van, you can gather the whole group of friends in one place and embark on an unforgettable vacation.

On the other side, if you prefer to travel alone or in pairs and want to experience the Zadar region more directly, you can rent a scooter. Renting a scooter will allow you to go on a ride that will awaken all your senses - you will feel the wind and the sun on your skin, the smell and sound of nature. Because of this, riding a motorcycle is far more striking than driving a car.

Many have doubts about renting a car because they think it costs a lot. However, that is not true. Car rental prices are becoming more affordable every year, and it is cheaper to rent a car at the destination than to travel with your own vehicle. By renting a vehicle at the destination, you save money that you would spend on fuel and tolls, and if you travel by plane, you save valuable time.

Travel like royal this summer - by plane and have a car waiting for you at the airport. You deserve it!